Excellence, Precision & Innovation.

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TEK7 is your responsible partner for premier engineering, construction and project management solutions.

We service a wide range of industries around the globe and believe that with the right engineering—and creativity—no project is too complex.

At TEK7, our team challenges the expected to create the exceptional.


Oil & Gas

Over 15 years of experience in design, consultancy and commissioning of oil and gas projects worldwide.

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Iron Ore

Many years of design and development in the iron ore industry including specific experience with pelletising and direct reduced iron.

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Water & Waste Water Management

Experience and expertise providing engineering and procurement services for water and waste water management across multiple industries.

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Waste Heat Recovery

Innovative and cost-effective solutions to recover heat from industrial processes, such as through reciprocating engines and gas turbines, or to enhance the energy efficiency of natural gas networks to produce electricity.

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Mining & Minerals

Cost-effective solutions for mining and the processing of minerals, with specialisation in a high volume of small to large projects.

Mine and Minerals


Innovative solutions across a wide range of industries and engineering projects.



Renewable, recyclable and environmentally-friendly energy solutions for various industries.