Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Established in 2005, TEK7 Global specialises in challenging the status quo with cutting-edge engineering and project management solutions for a variety of industries worldwide, including the pelletising industry—with high-quality and cost-effective results.

Along with our head office in Australia, we have offices in China, Hong Kong and the Middle East, with others opening in due course in other continents.

Trusting in teamwork and the sharing of knowledge, TEK7 has partnered up with carefully selected international companies. These strategic partnerships have allowed our skilled and talented TEK7 engineers to be exposed to and gain extensive experience in a variety of industries.

Globally, TEK7 has been involved partially or fully in the engineering, process, fuel handling, material handling, automation and combustion systems of several greenfield plants built in the past ten years.

Closer to home, our mission of continuous improvement has seen us initiate a strong scientific partnership with the University of Adelaide and other research partners in Australia thanks to the Cooperative Research Centres Program. As a result, we continue to be a force that redefines what exceptional engineering can accomplish.

Our innovators are both engineers and artists.

At TEK7, we rarely do the same thing twice. What was tailored to work for one project may not work for another, and even if it did there is always a way to improve and do better the second time around.

We don’t settle for complacency. Instead, we go for the impossible and blow past it to the fantastic. Our high-end, bespoke engineering solutions provide our clients with not only what they wanted, but what they never knew they needed.

To this end, we foster a creative, boundary-pushing, blue-sky-thinking work environment, with a multicultural and collaborative team that brings the best and brightest from around the globe together to reframe the world of tomorrow.