Innovation and engineering excellence are among our core values at TEK7.

Our scientific and strategic partnership with the University of Adelaide for the Cooperative Research Centres Program is a force moving our engineering capability forward, providing us unique access to state-of-the-art technologies and leading-edge breakthroughs in different industries we continue to be active in.

Another example of our accelerated approach to help define future technologies is our partnership with VROC, one of Australia’s pioneering artificial intelligence companies.


VROC’s artificial intelligence predictive analytics platform learns how industrial plants and facilities operate, providing the insights that lead to increased efficiencies, optimised production and improved environmental outcomes.

VROC’s platform learns from billions of data points pulled from plant IoT sensors. It then analyses the entire facility as operators make subtle changes, providing real-time data that can inform the production, maintenance and reliability of a team’s decisions.

VROC’s platform can be used as a SAAS solution by your existing client team, which can build their own AI models. The AI models generate results in minutes helping your team increase its overall efficiency and solve business-critical problems quickly.

VROC Features:
  • Accurate recommendation of optimum setpoints provided continuously in real time
  • Rapid identification of production bottlenecks & inefficiencies
  • Reduced operating costs such as software licenses, IT infrastructure & maintenance, equipment spares & manpower
  • Reduced reliance on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Increased prediction accuracy, integrity & reliability
  • Optimised situational awareness through effective plant operational management
  • 2000x faster than traditional manual analysis processes
  • Reduced base load carbon emissions through machine learning technology