Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals

TEK7 experts have many years of experience in the mining and minerals industries, with a proven track record of excellence and cost-effective solutions. We offer a broad range of services such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Front-end engineering design
  • Basic design & heat & mass balance calculations
  • Detailed design & simulation
  • Project procurement & management
  • Combustion services
  • Commissioning & operations support


At TEK7, we have also made key strategic partnerships with different suppliers in the mining and minerals industries to bolster both organic and collaborative growth. A good example of one such partnership is our close collaboration with Italian firm, CTP.

CTP Team

An international engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1970, CTP strives to deliver transformative innovation to customers worldwide.

Since the 70s, CTP has offered products for the mining and minerals market. Specialised in both greenfield and brownfield installation, CTP is expert in upgrade and retrofit and turn-key projects. Nowadays, CTP’s deep experience in filtration technology with bags up to 12m long is perfectly applied in dust collectors of several million cubic metres capacity. The footprint is therefore minimised to get the best CAPEX and OPEX solution.

To efficiently clean bags inside filters, CTP has advised and installed Sonic Wave Acceleration Pulse (SWAP) technology in many projects. This proven low-pressure technology for cleaning bags and key-components of fabric filters consists of a sonic wave which travels all along the length of the bag at a velocity of approximately Mach 1.

This technology maintains full efficiency with up to 30 bags in one single row, working online without the necessity to install dampers and isolate the compartment during the cleaning cycle—a winning alternative to the traditional high-pressure cleaning system with Venturi.

Together with the main baghouse, the gas treatment plant involves heat exchangers, mixing chambers, spark arrestors and quenching towers complete with necessary ductworks and gas-collecting hoods up to the final stack for primary and secondary dedusting of flue gas from arc furnaces, ladle furnaces and general dedusting of steelmaking plants.