Water & Waste Water Management

Water & Waste Water Management

At TEK7 Global, we provide related engineering services across mining, oil and gas industries and deliver technical and operational support to water and waste water industries.

Our expertise lies in providing integrated and automated technological solutions for the treatment and management of the whole water cycle—from primary water to civil and industrial waste water treatment.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of modern processes and products, as well as years of experience innovating in different industries through research and development, we are able to support our customers with solutions targeted to their individual requirements. Our services include:

  • Engineering & project management
  • Consultancy & customer support
  • Research & development
  • Turnkey plant projects
  • Greenfield projects
  • Automated control system design & installation
  • Data analytics
  • Commissioning & operation support

We recognise the importance of waste water in many applications—in particular, in the petrochemical and refinery industries, in power generation, mining, alternative fuel production and textile and paper industry processes. Our TEK7 team is more than capable of designing plants for each industrial sector.